No Longer Allowing My Period To Control My Life

The Period Struggles Are RealBut You Don't Have To Struggle Forever

Have your lady parts ever literally felt like they were falling out of you during your period? 

Friends, I am all about normalizing our periods. So if that's not something you care to read about then please, move on. 

Let me paint a picture for you of what my period struggles have been through-out my life. 

The pain, as I would describe to Matt would be like that of a really bad poop cramp you get that just won't go away. He would always say that's not possible, because to him, that pain was THE WORST.

I had struggled with this before kids where it felt like someone was literally stabbing my ovaries. It would leave me laid up in bed and unable to do much of anything. 

I went on the birth control pill to help regulate my period and help with the cramping at the age of 15 but that seemed to bring up a whole host of problems. 

One birth control pill made the pain worse than before, so my Dr switched to another pill but that one gave me intense yeast infections. Every single month.

I finally made the decision that the pill was not meant for me so I went off of it. 

From there, I struggled with infrequent periods. They wouldn't come for 3+ months and when they finally did they would last 7-12 days. 

My gyne thought I had a particular syndrome and that I could potentially be infertile because of all the issues I was having, so we started a ton of tests to figure out what was going on. 

At the time, Matt and I weren't trying to get pregnant but we always said if it happened, it happened and that would be great. Shortly after, I got pregnant with Layla. 

So what was happening? My guess, my hormones were completely out of balance. 

Around a year after I had Layla, I got my period back. It was excruciating. Things got worse for me. 

I would go through a super tampon and pad within hours. The pain was like knives jabbing into me... My vagina would literately throb and felt like it was going to fall out of me. 

Shortly after my periods returned I got pregnant with Hannah, so I didn't endure that for long. 

When Hannah was a month old I started using natural remedies for my postpartum stress. I hadn't been sleeping, my anxiety was way high and I was becoming more on edge. You can read more about that here.

I became part of this really amazing community of people on facebook that would share their wins and experiences with various things. It was so cool to be able to read some of these and get to try some out for myself and family. 

Utilizing natural remedies has always been a part of me. So this totally fit into my life. 

It made me feel empowered taking our families health into our own hands. 

I had gotten my period back around the one year mark with Hannah as well. At this point, I was turning to natural remedies for most things. So looking for a natural option to help support my hormones and support my period made sense.

That community I mentioned I was a part of earlier, had been raving about a particular product and how it helped support their periods,  support their hormones and more. (I recommend you read up on the benefits of wild yam with supporting hormones) so I grabbed the blend of essential oils that contained wild yam and started to use it. I had nothing to lose at this point! 

I was faithful using it every day. Consistency is key. I used it every morning on my body. My period returned and guess what, it wasn't terrible!

Since incorporating natural, plant based, clean living into my life, my periods are spot on. 

Every single month. My periods last for 5 days and I have little to no cramping. My flow is moderate to light and I do not dread that time of my cycle. I do not let it control my life anymore! 

I also highly recommend looking into a menstrual cup or disc. Using my disc has made a significant change with how I experience my periods. If you have not tried a disc, you can grab these disposable ones here to see if they are right for you! 

I'm so thankful for this community I became a part of. For if it hadn't been for them, I would still be sitting here, soaking up super tampons and pads and dreading that time of the month. 

Finding balance can be hard in all aspects of our life. 

Hormonal balance can be extra tricky. 

You can learn more in this group where we talk about various ways to find balance in various aspects of our everyday life. 

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