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Raise Your Frequency Retreat 
$ 300
✔️ Relaxation

✔️ Chakra balancing 

✔️ Raise your frequency

Here's what you can expect at the event

Group environment with reiki, reflexology, crystal signing bowl sound bath, solfeggio tuning forks, positive affirmations, personal time to explore the nature space, yoga, specialty group education, lunch included.

Mersey River Chalets & Nature Retreat is a fully wheelchair accessible space.

Everything in the world is made up of energy.  

Throughout our daily activities we are constantly exchanging energy with others or impacting our own energy with our emotional and physical states. 

Reiki calls on an individual’s divine energy to support them in balancing their chakras and tuning their energy fields. 

A chakra that is stuck or out of alignment can impact a person both physically and emotionally. We can cut cords and release an individual from emotional ties that they may not be aware of, call energy back to them that others have taken, and release energy that does not belong to them.

Crystal signing bowls match solfeggio frequencies and aid people in activating, opening, aligning and balancing the chakras. 

When used in a sound bath, they help clear and release lower energy frequencies for deeper healing. 

During a sound bath with crystal singing bowls, chords are played for harmony and balance. 

Solfeggio tuning forks allow clients to truly entrain to the resonance being heard on either side of the head. 

Solfeggio frequencies are unique to the Gregorian chant sounds and the tones are used for specific levels of healing such as physical healing, promoting improved memory function, DNA activation, emotional and mental clarity, clears fear and negativity, wipes out past trauma, brings in love and compassion + more. 

Pairing the tuning forks with positive affirmations allows the sound waves to resonate through the chakras on a deeper level. 

Your Facilitators
Here's more about us and why you don't want to miss this event!

Haley Lorman 

Haley has been immersed in the holistic world since 2016. She felt the pull to facilitate hands on work in the holistic field to support her family and people in her community. She has since been certified and registered as a reflexologist since October 2022

Recently finding a passion for sound healing, Haley became certified in level one and level two as a sound healing practitioner.

Haley loves to help her clients bring their best self to the front of the line. 

She listens, supports, encourages and empowers others on their holistic journey and sees the importance on providing tools that you can use in your everyday life. 

Bringing a unique experience to the table, Haley helps release heaviness from your shoulders and bringing your best self to the front of the line. 
Teresa Lorman Jensen 

Teresa has been teaching yoga since 2020. She was originally introduced to this modality when her grandfather used it as part of his stroke rehab. 

Teresa's yoga classes are for all levels, and since completing her 200 HR YTT certification, she has added chair yoga, yoga massage and meditation to her classes. 
Teresa loves introducing students to the benefits of yoga and how it can positively impact their lives.

In 2023, she decided to further expand her wellness modalities. 
River Roots was offering a level 1 Reiki training with reiki Master Jan Harrison of Ravenspirit Wellness. The connection to the practice was instantaneous and she went on to complete her Level II certification so that she could share this energy work with others. 

Reiki is a natural extension of her yoga practice and energy work is something that holistically speaks to her. 

Tammy Hawksworth 

After beginning my journey for self wellness in 2000, using natural options to clear my diagnosed IBS, I continued in developing my love for natural wellness. In 2017 my daughters introduced me to Young Living essential oils, and in 2018 I purchased my "started kit". Yes, I was "started" on my journey and I am now Certified as an Aroma Freedom Technique Practitioner, Raindrop Harmonics Specialist, and Aromatherapy Coach. I am also a masterful student of Sacred Body Language Translations and Conscious Language.

Equipped with these tools in my tools box, I now support you, with oils, tuning forks, and language in helping facilitate your emotional flow, balance and alignment by providing energy for gently clearing of your emotional blocks, so you can move easily into your divine destiny with confidence and gratitude for living your best life.

I offer a variety of services for your physical, emotional and spiritual clearing and alignment: Chakra Balancing, Raindrop, and Aroma Freedom sessions are my top 3 services. Most can be done in person or virtually. My clients often experience feeling lighter and brighter.

Are you ready for your clearing and alignment?

How long is the event?
Six hours in total. We will start our day with group activities. A delicious, healthy lunch is provided at no cost to you. There will be ample free time for you to walk along the river, dip your toes in the water, enjoy a forest bath, or do what speaks to you in those moments. The last part of our day you will get to choose between yoga or specialty group education sessions. 
Do I require to bring anything?
It is recommended to bring along a bottle of water to hydrate as well as a blanket for comfort. 
If you have a zero gravity chair, we recommend bringing that along as well. 
Anything that will make your feel comfortable. You will be laid back for most of your time with us. (Think a small pillow behind the head or back as well)
Is the investment refundable?
There is a $150, non refundable deposit required to hold your space. The remaining $150 is required to be paid on or before September 1st. 
What are the risks? 
Energy healing is a natural, non invasive modality to help bolster your own ability to heal. There is low risk with energy healing. 
However, things you should be aware of. 
If you are diabetic, it is important to keep an eye on your sugar levels after a session. 
If you have a pacemaker. It is important for the facilitator to know this so they do not work directly over the pacemaker. The frequency of sound could interfere with the pacemaker. 
As always, please be sure to ask your primary care doctor if there is any contradictions with your current health.

The space is fully wheelchair accessible.

Will each person receive reiki?
Each individual will receive a mini reiki session during the event. We keep the numbers small to be able to facilitate to our full potential. 
Does each individual receive facial reflexology? 
Yes! Unless you do not want hands on work. 
Before your reiki begins, you will receive relaxing facial reflexology techniques to the face, and gentle stretches to the shoulders. 
Raise Your Frequency Retreat 
$ 300
✔️ Relaxation 

✔️ Chakra balancing 

✔️ Raise your frequency