Mom Rage

My Reality Of Mom Rage

Mom Rage.

Something we need to truly take seriously. It happens. It has happened to me more times than I can count. It could be over the smallest thing, just a look and I snap. I can feel the rage take over and my voice deepens. That's when I start to yell.

Instant regret. Every single time. 

Why did I lose my cool? What the fuck actually came over me at that moment? 

"You're a bad mom, you're the worst mom... I hate you" are words I hear from my 6 year old. It crushes me. I don't want to be labeled any of those things. All because of the mom rage episode I just had. Like a toddler, throwing a temper tantrum that cannot be controlled. 

So, what causes mom rage? This is the question I find myself asking. So I google. 

I dealt with postpartum anxiety, and still deal with anxiety. It's usually always related in some sense. If I'm feeling anxious or overwhelmed, you bet a mom rage episode will be happening. You can read my journey on that here. 

A lot of it is stuffing down all the things until there is just no more room to stuff. 

Stuffing the emotions in, the words I'm not voicing, the feeling of doing too much, being too busy, not taking care of my body and feeling under appreciated. All of these things play a huge role in mom rage. 

Mom, I want you to know I see you. I feel your pain, I feel your struggle. I am you. I have dealt and still deal with these things. 

It's about becoming aware. Becoming aware when it happens and finding the triggers. 

Is it your child, your spouse, your pet, your job, your coworkers? What is causing the build up of things on your body? It could be multiple of these but figuring it out is key. 

Once you figure out the things that are causing build up, causing you to stuff down all the shit, make it a priority to fix it. 

If it's the negative coworker, spouse or family member filling your cup with negative words, let them know that.. They may not even realize they are acting that way and it may help them make a shift. If not, do what's best for you, and that may mean cutting them off. 

Whatever it is, acknowledge it. Become aware and decide for yourself to make a change. 

For myself, meditation has been helpful. I do a mindful meditation before bed. 

Find and follow someone you enjoy for this. There are so many options. 

Write it out. Grab a journal, paper, your phone and just start writing all the things that are coming up.. Sometimes I get stuck and can't find the right words but as soon as I sit and get out the paper or even my laptop, my fingers or hand just goes....and then I have hundreds of feelings...down in front of me...a weight tends to be lifted.

Utilizing my wellness tools like essential oils have played a huge role. I've done some therapy sessions with these that have tapped into deeper memories and feelings and have allowed me to begin the process to heal. 

Talk with someone. Find a friend, a family member, a counselor who can listen to your words. Listen to the feelings and things you have been stuffing down. Holding it in is not OK. 

(just remember to not get stuck in a negative word vomit limbo with this person. Fill their cup as you want yours to be filled up.. because we don't want to be that negative person in someone else's life) 

Express your feelings and emotion to your partner. How can they really know how you're feeling about something if you don't tell them? How can they know you don't feel appreciated if you don't express that? They are your partner for a reason. Create open communication for the two of you. 

Take time for self care. Not just a massage, getting your nails done or a shopping spree. I mean real, raw self care. Diving more into you. Fueling your body the way it needs to be fueled. 

My friend Katherine had once said “The ideas of self care can be more damaging and destructive because your spending money you shouldn't be spending or your putting things into your body that are actually making you feel worse not better. Real self care teaches you the tools to manage your body and your mind so you can live the life you were created to live”. 

How powerful eh?

And lastly, eat a nutritional diet. Balanced, whole, healthy meals to fuel your body which in turn will fuel your mind. You can learn more about how the gut and brain connection works here!