Quality Is My Top Priority
Find the products I use and recommend in my Reflexology Clinic
For the last several years, I've made it a top priority to use clean, safe products for my family. 

What I use for my family flows into what I use for my clients. 

It's important that my clients leave feeling lighter, refreshed and confident knowing that I take pride with what's being utilized during their session.

I've safely and effectively used these essential oils in my home, with my family for the last several year. 

Shop the essential oils I utilize in my clinic below.  


I often talk about the lymphatic system with importance of supporting it.
There are a few things you may do. 
~Use your fingers for gentle massage over the lymphatic system.
~Utilize a stone which you may purchase here.
~Utilize a dry brush which you may purchase here

Clean, safe ingredients that will not harm your skin. These lotions are my absolute favorite to use with my clients. 

My clients often tell me how amazing the lotion smells and love how soft it leaves their legs and feet feeling. 

About The Products

When I became pregnant with my first daughter, I knew utilizing the safest ingredients was high on my priority list. 

I started making my own cleaners, laundry soap and more. 

Once I had my second daughter, I was on the quest to simplify. 

That's where Young Living came into play. 
Not only did the companies products support my emotional needs, they made shopping for clean ingredient products easy. 

The product gave me peace of mind knowing quality and safety was a top priority. 

The quality standard with Young Living is greater than anything I've experienced before. 
It's the reason why I bring it to the clinic and utilize with my clients. 

You may also choose to utilize these products with ease and comfort. 
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 About Me 

-Mother -Spouse -Friend -Reflexologist

As a mother who put herself on the bottom of the list and felt the impacts of burnout and overwhelm, I struggled for many years.

Digging into myself and finding my true voice and passions, I've started to climb to the top of my tower to bring my best self out.  

I bring to the table a unique experience for other moms. 

I listen, support, encourage and give tools that you can use in your every day life that are easy to implement. 

I help release the heaviness from your shoulders and work at bringing your best self to the front of the line.