Welcome friend!

Here is my little home on the web where you get to come along, learn a bit about me and see what things I have to offer.

~I am a mom of two girls, two dogs and a cat.
~My spouse and I love spending time in and around the water.
~I love the outdoors, spending time in the garden, woods or walking the trails.
~I have a passion for simple, safe & clean products.
~I get to empower and support people in my community with my role as a reflexologist.

Check out below some of the things that mean the most to me!

Meet the family! 

Matt, Layla and Hannah are my biggest support system. 

Matt and I enjoy being on and around the water. 
You can find us kayaking on the lakes, enjoying a paddle while fishing. 

Dancing and singing along to music is an enjoyable activity and we are big time foodies. Going to our favorite or trying new restaurants is our jam and makes us happy! 

Layla is our fire cracker who leads with a passion and cannot be stopped. She is into competitive cheer and we have loved working on this skill, traveling to competition and being part of a team. 

You can sponsor her here to support her competitive year. 
Be sure to follow her cheerleading journey.

Hannah is our cuddle bug, who has the same love for water as Matt and I. She has a lot of fun playing and teaching new tricks to the dogs. Hannah is very artistic and can create some really great things using her imagination! 

Days we are not at school and work, we are out on adventures, hanging with friends or relaxing at home. 

Otis is our elder dog. He has been through a lot in the last several years with slipped discs in his back and loosing the ability to walk for a short time. 
He loves to bark at everything he sees and is very treat motivated.

Ricky is the family cat. He loves to be outside, hunting and exploring. 
You often see Ricky exploring the neighborhood and even following along for the odd walk on the trails. He takes his job serious as a hunter. 

Buddy is our newest family addition and he is an absolute dream. He is our large breed puppy. 
You will often see videos posted of him on my socials, like this one of him snoring (something he most definitely has mastered).
He is kind and gentle and loves seeing people walk through our doors. 

In our home and my reflexology work space, you'll often find the diffuser running with my favorite essential oil pick for the day and my playlist of music playing to help set the tone for fun or relaxation.

I take pride in utilizing clean, safe products in my reflexology space and home. 

I carry and can help you obtain various items for purchase like diffusers, mini wellness kits for smudging your space, gift certificates and specialty items to help support your wellness. 

I get to empower and support people in my community with my Reflexology business. 

My space is currently located in our home.

Take a seat and soak your feet in the foot soak while you wait for your session to start.  
You may book various services with me. I currently offer

-Foot Reflexology Sessions
-Facial Reflexology Sessions
-Face to Feet Reflexology Sessions
-Beach Reflexology Sessions
-Complementary Sessions