Is Reflexology Right For You?
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Reflexology is an automatic body response to finger pressure which helps the body attain/maintain its ideal balance.

Reflexology is 
~non invasive
~can be used alongside other treatments

Benefits include 
~total body relaxation
~ideal balance
~oxygen flow
~everyone can benefit 

Currently booking Reflexology sessions in the comfort of my home

Standard 60 minute Foot Reflexology
Face to Feet 90 minutes 
Facial Reflexology 

Sliding scale information found below 

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Welcome to my Reflexology space. Come check out what my space has to offer and what exactly to expect during your session.

About Me

-Mother -Spouse -Friend -Reflexologist

As a mother who put herself on the bottom of the list and felt the impacts of burnout and overwhelm, I struggled for many years.

Digging into myself and finding my true voice and passions, I've started to climb to the top of my tower to bring my best self out.  

I bring to the table a unique experience for other moms. 

I listen, support, encourage and give tools that you can use in your every day life that are easy to implement. 

I help release the heaviness from your shoulders and work at bringing your best self to the front of the line. 

The Sliding Scale
This is available for community members who find themselves struggling to budget self-care into their lives. 

A sliding scale works by allowing the client to pay what they feel they can afford on the day of their service.

 Please note the pricing structure below. 

Limited sliding scale space. Please inquire.

60 Minute Reflexology Session 

I offer this for my clients because I understand the importance of self-care. I also understand the raising cost of everything around us. 
I feel self-care should not be put on the bottom of your list. 

My goal is to help my clients tap into themselves a little deeper. 
For them to understand their bodies, to walk out feeling heard, to experience some type of release and a new found relationship with themselves. 

Here's what people are saying about their reflexology sessions! 

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Limited Time
(July & August)
Beach Reflexology Sessions
Focusing on ultimate relaxation, bringing your body into its ideal balance and leaving you feeling like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders.

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Enjoyed the playlist during your session? 

Want to listen on your own time? Find the playlist I've put together below.

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