Haley Lorman


As a mother who put herself on the bottom of the list and felt the impacts of burnout and overwhelm, I struggled for many years.

Digging into myself and finding my true voice and passions, I've started to climb to the top of my tower to bring my best self out.  

I bring to the table a unique experience for other moms. 

I listen, support, encourage and give tools that you can use in your every day life that are easy to implement. 

I help release the heaviness from your shoulders and work at bringing your best self to the front of the line. 

Is Reflexology Right For You?

Reflexology is an automatic body response to finger pressure which helps the body attain/maintain its ideal balance.

Reflexology is 
~non invasive
~can be used alongside other treatments

Benefits include 
~total body relaxation
~ideal balance
~oxygen flow
~everyone can benefit 


What To Expect During a Session

When you come for your first reflexology appointment, it is important to fill in your health history form. If possible, prior to your appointment is preferred.  You may fill out the online health history form here.

The first 5-10 minutes of your session will include a warm foot soak. This gives us an opportunity to go over what you'd like to focus on during your session. 

Reflexology can be done on the face, hands, feet or body. You are fully clothed during your session. Please wear light, comfortable clothing. 

Finger and thumb pressure are used to work through the systems of the body. There may be tender areas, which show a potential imbalance in that specific system. 

When working on the feet, I work through every single system, to help bring the body into its ideal balance. Every session ends with a relaxation massage.

After your session, we go over the findings and do a check in with how your are feeling. If a plan is required to work through a specific protocol, we will discuss a plan and schedule you in for the appropriate future appointments.   

Increases Oxygen & Circulation

Total Body Relaxation


Here's what people are saying about their reflexology sessions! 
You can also check out more testimonies here
60 Minute Session

$ 60 
✔️ Foot Reflexology Session

✔️ Facial Reflexology Session

✔️ Body Reflexology Session

90 Minute Session

$ 100
✔️ Foot + Facial Combined 

✔️ Foot + Body Combined 

✔️ Foot + Facial + Body Combined 

Limited Time
(July & August)
Beach Reflexology Sessions
Focusing on ultimate relaxation, bringing your body into its ideal balance and leaving you feeling like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders.

How much time should I book for?
This depends on your needs and your budget! 
If we are working on one specific area, example...If we are working on your feet, a 60 minute session allows me to work through all nine systems which will help your body come into its ideal balance. The investment for this is $60.

If you are looking to combine services, like facial reflexology and foot reflexology OR body reflexology and foot reflexology, it is recommended to book a 90 minute session. The investment for this is $100.
What products are you using?
I use a range of products in my space. Young Living Essential Oils and their lavender lotion are my go to items. I also utilize almond oil and shea butter. 
If you have allergies to these products, please let me know prior to your appointment.
Quality is a top priority for me. You can find a full list of items I use here.
What are your cleaning protocols?
I leave myself 30 minutes between each client. This gives me time to change all bedding, spray and wipe down touch surfaces and products/items used. 
All of my laundry is washed in hot water with a natural laundry soap. 
How can I book a session?
You can book a session online https://calendly.com/haleylorman 
If you are having trouble with the online booking system and would rather speak to me personally to book your session, please call 902-212-2925
Where did you train and who are you registered through?
I trained through the Atlantic School of Reflexology. 
I am certified through Atlantic Canada Association of Reflexology Therapists. 
Can I claim my appointments?
Yes! Being a certified and registered reflexologist you have the ability to claim your appointment! 
It is important to note that not all plans have reflexology as a coverage option and you as the client are responsible for submitting your receipt. 
Another option is to submit through your health spending or personal spending account. 

We encourage clients to reach out to their insurance providers and HR department and inquire about adding reflexology on as a service.