5 Ways to Support Your Mental Health
Utilize these tools to create the life you deserve


When we exercise, we release endorphins in our body. This chemical gives you those positive "feel good" feelings. 

Exercise can be a hard thing to start, so I recommend to start slow. If you can only do 5 minutes a day, then start with 5 minutes. Work your way up and really enjoy/appreciate the process.

Walking, swimming, yoga and online workouts are a fantastic place to start. I find them fairly low impact and fun! 

There are SO many resources out there to help you get started. You can download free apps like "fiton" or search youtube for free online workouts. The key is to just get started. 

So, go ahead and start something today!


Choose a Healthy Diet

Food plays a MAJOR role in the way we feel, both mentally and physically. The gut and brain are connected in ways you may not have realized. 

When we eat food dopamine is released. This chemical gives you that feel good response but it's important not to constantly fuel your body with these dopamine hits. 
By the time it enters our stomach, it has released various nutrients and our body has started to absorb it. 

Sugar for example causes a lot of inflammation in our body. Our ENS (enteric nervous system) which controls digestion, when inflamed cannot work properly.  The sugar may give you that quick hit of dopamine, which may feel really great for a few minutes but the long term nourishment is lacking. Your gut may become inflamed from the refined sugar and not have the ability to send the right signals to your brain to make you feel good long term.

When we fuel our body with whole healthy foods and drink an appropriate amount of water daily, our gut will be happy, our brain will thrive, we will feel nourished and our system can work together in a symbiotic relationship. . .  we will truly feel so much better. 

You can catch more on this topic in my free FB group here. 



Focus On Self Care
Focusing on self care is massive and something that needs to be practiced every single day. 

Self care isn't the trip to the mall to shop or getting your nails done. I'm talking real, true self care that needs to be addressed every day of your life. 
When we practice self care, we are becoming more in tune with ourselves. With our mind and body. 

Real self care is waking up and checking in, really considering how you are feeling in that moment. 
It's checking in throughout the day and seeing if your needs are met. 
When we check in, it's important to ask ourselves the questions like "are my needs met, how am I feeling today, where is my stress level at, am I hungry, how can I improve that, what needs to happen today to make a positive shift" 

Self care is picking up a book, listening to a podcast or doing a course to increase your awareness and better serve you. It's doing the personal growth development and making the time for that because it's insanely important. 

It's also knowing that it's ok to take time to slow down and rest. That having that mid afternoon nap doesn't make you a failure in that day but makes you appreciate yourself for taking the time to notice what your body needs and fuel it in that particular way. 

It's trying something new. Understanding yourself and what you need moment by moment by moment. Everyday for you and no other.


Utilize Natural Alternatives
Utilizing natural tools daily is an important piece to supporting your mental health. 
There are SO many natural alternatives out there and so many practitioners who can help guide you on a path that works for you. I highly recommend seeking out a naturopathic Dr to work with you and your body and find what works best for you.

Some of the tools I personally utilize in my life to support my mental health are natural supplements and essential oils. You can read my journey over here with my post partum anxiety. 

Essential oils were really my gateway into this entire part of my life to better support me. It was the stepping stone I needed that helped get me to where I am today. You can get on my email list to be notified when I release a fun, interactive free course on how I incorporate those into my routine.

Utilizing supplements like vitamin D and incorporating antioxidants has been huge. Collagen and L-glutamine have both been a recommendation from my Naturopath and essential oils like lavender, frankincense and copaiba have truly helped bring me into balance and calm my mind.



Communication, connection, being part of a community is a huge support with mental health. 

When we use positive language, sit close to someone, create deeper bonds, we release oxytocin. 
This chemical makes us feel good. It helps us feel happy and secure. It creates long term happiness. It's one of the most important chemicals for our mental health. 

When you think about our ancestors, who were part of tribes, they cared very deeply about tribe membership.  In order to survive they had to stick together. Hunt together, sleep, eat and raise your children together. It really took an entire community to function and thrive really well.

If you had gone out on your own, didn't care about the tribe and being part of that you couldn't reproduce, you may live for a little but you really truly wouldn't survive on your own hunting, gathering, living. 
It's literally etched in our being , in our ancestors, our history that in order to survive and thrive in this life we need people. We need human contact. We need community. We need to communicate and focus on creating bonds. 

If becoming a part of a positive community is something you need in your life, feel free to check out this free group here!


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